Finally, you can do something useful with Bitcoin: invest in real estate


Can I change my Facebook likes into Bitcoins?

Originally posted on Gigaom:

As the marketing hype behind Bitcoin has started to wear off, people have begun to wonder if there’s any point to Bitcoin beyond speculation and its beauty as a protocol.

And the skeptics have a point: despite all the hoopla, involving everything from space flight to a pro sports team, Bitcoin is just not that practical for buying and selling things. It takes too long to complete a transaction compared to credit cards or good old cash and, in any case, most merchants don’t know what the heck Bitcoin is in the first place.

As someone who’s followed the currency closely for about a year, I’ve been waiting for someone to offer a practical use case for Bitcoin and, finally, a good candidate has emerged: RealtyShares, a startup that lets people invest in real estate through a version of crowdfunding.

The company, based in San Francisco, began…

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