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So, Are Journalists Criminals, Too?

Rational Arrogance

I have seen many examples over the last few years of economists,  police officers and government officials trying to discredit journalist – and I don’t count “banana-republics”  like Greece, Turkey or Russia. The EU is working on a new media directive that enables the European authorities to fine or deprive journalists of their right to work if they don’t apply by certain rules. In their 2013 report Scandinavian intelligence services warns of terrorists and infiltrators increasingly posing as journalists to get access to politicians and other high-level officials. The whole profession that once based its existence on trust have become less trustworthy than a used car salesman.

“I think it’s pretty extraordinary that anyone that would call themselves a journalist would publicly muse about whether or not other journalists should be charged with felony.”

Glenn Greenwald


I guess British journalist Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian.  the mainstream media reporter involved in…

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Open Letter From A Closed TV Station

Rational Arrogance

The Turkish Hayat TV may be the first, but hardly the last public broadcaster that will be forced to close down as a result of the EU leaders desperate battle to control the flow of information. Similar attempts have been observed in Russia,, Spain, Greece and in Estonia, among others. Over the next couple of years we’ll see a real battle of power – and the ultimate test of traditional journalism. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner.

“We call on all democratically minded people to show solidarity with Hayat TV.”

Mustafa Kara


Last Friday, June 14, at 12 pm, the TV screen of Hayat TV in Turkey went black. The broadcaster was closed down permanently on order from the Turkish regulators who says the broadcaster do not have a valid licence to use the public TURKSAT satellite for program distribution.

A few minutes later Mustafa Kara at Hayat TV wrote and published…

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Clerk Drained €224 Million From Bank by Momentarily Fell Asleep

This is another one of those stories that leaves you hanging, not knowing quite what to make of it because some crucial information is missing. But falling asleep and make a transfer of 224 million, without knowing anything about it, is indeed rather strange.But  the fact that the claim of one person examining 603 payments in 1,4 seconds is considered completely normal, is undoubtedly disturbing.


A German bank employee appeared before an industrial tribunal in the state of Hesse, recently,.as a witness in a case of being unfairly dismissed from work. The clerk had gotten of the “mistake” of transferring €224 million instead of €54 with a slap on the wrist, but the bank sacked his college instead – a 48-year-old woman who was responsible for the approval of all outgoing payments. 

While the mistake was eventually noticed and corrected, the on-duty supervisor originally approved the payment request, allowing the funds to go through.

So she sued tha bank, of course. And won. Arguing that when you have to examine more than 600 payments in 1,4 seconds. accidents happens.

The judges said she was not guilty of wilfully damaging the interests of the bank and that although she had made a “serious mistake” she should have been cautioned rather than sacked.

 17222The clerk momentarily fell asleep” on the job and accidentally held down the number 2 button on his keyboard for a little too long — think 222,222,222.22 — causing that much money to be transferred out of the bank was merely admonished by the court.


Just one thing –  to where exactly  was the money transferred?


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