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How Much Social Influence Do You Need To Get Shot in the Head?

Rational Arrogance

I have posted a few pieces on social media influence this year, and it’s certainly something to be taken seriously. But when it comes to measure social influence, it gets quite complicated. However, the prominent business magazine, Forbes, have discovered that there are several online tools you can use to analyze social media activity and pinpoint the most powerful influencers. Still, I can’t help wondering; who are these people? who do they influence? in what way? and do these very influential people actually make any significant contributions when it comes to solve the worlds problems?  

“They are the people who most influence the biggest brands or have the best-selling book or who have been around the business a long time.”



Now, let me get this straight: They are all PR-people and marketers, they’ve been in the business for a long time and they’ve written best-selling books…

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