Financial Music Videos and EconoParodies

As pointed out in my 2009 mini series, “Sound of Wall Street“, the current financial crisis is being documented in a unique way by various music videos published on YouTube. I’ve been collecting the videos for quite some time, but they still keep on coming. So, I’ve decided to share them with you as I continuously discover new songs from both ordinary people and from market professionals. Enjoy!

The First Omen

One of the first music videos related to this financial crisis was produced by the students of Columbia Business School in April 2006, as Ben Bernanke was appointed new FED chairman.

In this video you have the CBS Dean, Glenn Hubbard, singing about wanting Alan Greenspan‘s job that went instead to Harvard-professor Ben Bernanke.

In retrospective, the lyric is particularly interesting:


And Here We Go!

By the summer of 2007 some economist started to realize that abnormal economic growth over the last five years was coming to an end – and that it probably not would be the “soft landing” most experts still predicted.


Well, a song like that just had to be remixed in 2008:


About the 2009 version, the author “L.McDuff,” writes:

“Following on the success of the Wall Street Meltdown parodies, I wrote Mad Avenue Blues. Like Wall Street Meltdown and WSM Redux (both on YouTube), the new video takes a popular song and substitutes industry-specific lyrics. Only instead of finance, Mad Avenue Blues is about the media/advertising world and the impact to the traditional models brought about by the accelerating migration to digital.”

“Sung to Don McLean‘s “American Pie”, this 19 stanza song was written and produced in just one day. I did this so that I could answer those who respond to my video projects with the knee-jerk; you obviously have too much time on your hands.”


Great Hits

Here are some of my favorites so far.

I’ll keep adding videos and updating the page as I stumble over more great musical economic reports.

(And if you discover one you’d like to share with us, please paste the link below in the comment area.)

Some of the best videos I’ve found is produced by the young and talented people at Columbia Business School.

I just love this one:


And of course they’ve made a follow-up to the Bernanke-song from 2006. (Published on YouTube April 2008):


More from Columbia Business School:


Another one of my favorites – a musical parody of the traditional song “Go Tell It On The Mountain,” about the bailouts and the TARP and bonuses:


Nothing has inspired people like the big bailouts of the global financial institutions.

Here’s a few bailout songs that’s both tragic and comic at the same time – almost genius:


“Uncle Sam warns us that Barack Obama‘s economic stimulus plan and budget could be hazardous to our economic well-being. Jim Gossett and Lars Larson wrote the lyrics for “Two Trillion Tons” for the Lars Larson Show on Westwood One Radio Network.”


The U.S. governments stimulus programs have at least stimulated people’s creativity.

Here’s a couple of great stimulus songs:


This is comedian Tim Hawkins’ contribution:


But it is certainly not all fun and games.

Many songs are telling the stone cold realistic stories about how the crisis is affecting them:


Latest Videos

This video was uploaded on May 21th 2010, and seems to be a musical postcard from Hollywood to New York.

It’s called “Wall Street – Greed”


A musical parody of the Crewe/Nolan song “Lady Marmalade,” about credit cards and the crisis.

“Plastic is fantastic to get – you bet!”


Chart Sounds

Some guy by the name of Johannes Kreidler has come up with idea of putting sounds to financial charts and graphs.

The following melodies are derived mostly from stock Charts, arranged with Songsmith, the Microsoft Composition Tool.

Probably the most expensive music in the world…


Deceleration of Independence (Street Version)

Not quite a financial related video – perhaps indirectly…

This song is an interpretation of the US Deceleration of Independence (well, kind of) – hip hop style.

“Song summarizing the Declaration of Independence, inspired by Government. Most lines from the verses come directly from lines of the Declaration,” the up-loader writes on YouTube, September 19th.


Another Masterpiece

Here’s the latest release from Versus. High quality sound and brilliant lyrics – as usual.

Her is; “Nobody Knows the Bubbles I’ve seen”

“Nobody Knows the Bubbles I’ve seen. Nobody Knows But Me – Got It, CNBC?”


The Dollar and Its Diving (Great Recession Remix)

Here’s the latest production by – just in time for the Christmas holiday season, (and the upcoming Black Friday):


Quantitative Easing

QE – the term of the year 2010:



The Great American EconoSongbook of 2010

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The Economy Parody Songbook 2011

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Election Farce Throws Iceland Into Political Chaos

New Econo-Parody Song: “Dominique”

Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek – Round II

New Econparody Song About “Guess Who”


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