Twitter Stocks Tumble on Social Insecurity

“Twitter needs to answer the question about whether it can ever become a mass-market product, or whether it’s more destined to be a niche for news junkies,”

Rational Arrogance

The company that runs the popular micro blog platform – Twitter – released Thursday their first financial report since it got listed on the Stock exchange in November last year. Not good. The stock tumbled 24%, making this the worst day in the stock market for Twitter. The reason for the Twitter dump is based on the same assessment that sent the Facebook shares tumbling just after their initial public offering (IPO) – will this company ever be profitable?

“These risks include the possibility that: our user base and engagement do not continue to grow; advertisers reduce or discontinue their spending on Twitter; data partners reduce or discontinue their purchases of data licenses from Twitter; and Twitter experiences expenses that exceed its expectations..”

Twitter Inc.


Oh, dear! This does not look good for Twitter. The total number of new accounts continued to rise in the last quarter of 2013, but at…

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