The Weekend Essentials

Here’s some good reading when preparing for next weeks trading.

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Top Stories:

Lloyd Blankfein - CEO - Goldman Sachs

* Goldman Charges: Trigger Prospect of Wider Crackdown

* Goldman Said to Have Been Warned of SEC Suit

* EU Investigation of Goldman Swaps for Greece

* U.S. Stocks Log Biggest Drop Since February

* ECB warns on European bank levy

* Asian Technology Shares Advance, Commodity Decline

* E.U. Tell Greece to Prepare for IMF Conditions on Bailout

* George Soros: “We Are Facing A Yet Larger Bubble”

* Could a Volcano Crash the Markets?

* Volcano Ash Can Send The Earth Into “Deep Freeze”

Latest News:

* Germany May Consider Action Against Goldman

* Dow tumbles 126, but clings to 11,000

* Obama: I’ll Veto Financial Reform Without Derivatives Regulation

* Debt Worries Shift to Portugal, Due to Rising Bond Rates

* Euro Zone March Inflation Up Less Than Expected

* Volcano Costs Rise as Ash Spreads

Latest Blog Posts:

* Econotwist’s Blog: Volcano Ash Can Send The Earth Into “Deep Freeze”

Original photo of Katla erupting in 1813

* Nifty Tips For the Next Week

* Seeking Alpha: Goldman, The SEC and the New Face of Wall Street

* Zero Hedge: Like A Swiss Watch, Distraction Game Continues

* The Huffington Post: A Goldman Rebuttal

* Wall St. Cheat Sheet: 8 Top Goldman Sachs Alumni Who are Shitting Their Pants

* BoomBustBlog: Euro-Gossip Debunked

* The Collector: Walking On A Tail Event Producer

Latest Analysis:

* Banks, Including Goldman, Are Still a Buy


* Trading The Goldman Impact

* Mega Caps Will Outperform From Here

* Ignore the Technical Market at Your Peril

* Risk of 30-40% Drop in Stocks

* ‘Warning Signs’ That Market Is Tiring

* China’s Economy Not Overheating

Recommended Reading:

* Tale of Goldman’s fraud charges

* How Goldman Might Help Democrats in November

* A Winning Bet Carries a Big Price

* Who is the ‘’fabulous’’ Fabrice Tourre?

* Goldman Case Gives Many Another Reason to Lose Trust

* Money Markets Must Be Reformed: Pimco Executive

* Wall Street reform: Washington’s next battle

* EU Treads Cautiously on Bank Levy

* Volcano Insurance, Anyone?

Video Reports:

* Medvedev About Obama’s Men: “I Don’t Want To Offend Anyone”

* Fears Uncontrolled Crisis In Europe

* Weekend Tea Party Rally In The U.S.

* U.S. Debt: Not Much Better Than Greek

* FED With A Fake Mustache


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