Thursday Morning Kickoff

Here’s some things to digest before markets open on Thursday morning, provided by high5finance.

Top Stories:

* Trading Outlook: April 18 – 23, 2010

* Banks Mint Money Again: $18.7 Billion

* Associated Press Warns Of Katla Eruption Danger

* Most U.S. Stocks Rise

* BHP Faces SEC Probe After Finding Possible Corruption

* SEC charges Miami schemer in massive Ponzi

* Greece Aid Talks Begin

* Senate Panel Votes to Ban Banks From the Swaps Market

* Sovereign Debt Crisis Likely to Spread: Roubini

* With Goldman charged, rivals smell blood

Latest News:

* European Politicians Call for Goldman Ban

* World Faces ”Sovereign DisCredit’’

* Tourre Expected Before Senate Panel

* U.K. Unemployment Hits 2.5 Million

* German Opposition Threatens to Delay Greek Aid

* Brussels unveils plan to press member states to live up to aid promises

* EU, IMF officials to thrash out details with Greece

Latest Blog Posts:

* Econotwist’s Blog: “Germany Is Unfit For The Euro”

* Apple Beats Estimates Yet Again

* Seeking Alpha: Netflix: The Market Is Finally Catching On

* Zero Hedge: Tomorrow EuroStat Reports European Government Deficits: Expect More Pain For Greece On “Downside Surprise”

* The Huffington Post: A Short Citizen’s Guide to Reforming Wall Street

* Wall St. Cheat Sheet: Is the Iceland Volcano the Next Black Swan?

* The Euobserver: What happened to the EU gender dimension?

* China Financial Markets: Chinese savings and the wealth effect

Latest Analysis:

* Bear Market Rally Is Near Its Top

* Should You Say ‘Da’ to Russia ETFs?

* More downside risk ahead for oil, gold

* Three signs of a coming equity market correction

* Oil Weakness Is Good for Refiners

* ETFs With Significant Goldman Exposure

Recommended Reading:

* Ruling Could Spark Non-U.S. Class Actions

* An Unprecedented Look Inside Hedge Funds

* The Volcano’s Cost to Europe’s Economy

* An Economy of Liars

* The Limited Potential of New Financial Regulations

* The Future of the Stock Market

* Abacus Meltdown: How the Deal Turned

* Derivatives Traders Single Out Portugal

* When Wall Street Deals Resemble Casino Wagers

Video Reports:

* Medvedev About Obama’s Men: “I Don’t Want To Offend Anyone”

* Fears Uncontrolled Crisis In Europe

* Weekend Tea Party Rally In The U.S.

* U.S. Debt: Not Much Better Than Greek

* FED With A Fake Mustache


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