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The Other Debt Crisis – The Climate Debt

After another week with intense focus on poor Europe, evil speculators and malicious Credit-default Swaps, I guess it’s time for another reminder of what’s really important, and what’s not.

In the latest edition of Fault Lines, at the Arabic TV station Al Jazeera, reporter Avi Lewis travels to Bolivia to explore the country’s climate crusade from the inside.

“Capitalism Dies, or Earth Dies.

Evo Morales

Here’s the “must watch” of the weekend:

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Introducing: The Swapper – Financial Futurism

Again; thanks for another great month at the Econotwist’s Blog!

I welcome the about 1,200 new readers in April, and hope you’ll stay with me during the exciting times to come.

I will continue to try out new concepts,  new ideas and introduce you to new contributing writers.

Not every crazy stunt I pull off will be equally successful, I’m sure, but I’ll do my best to inform, entertain, educate and  inspire, and hopefully you’ll find some of it worthy of the time you spend on my sites.

This month I launch another blog, called “The Swapper”. (All my other ideas were taken…) It’s about the future of the financial markets and the future of our economic system.

There will be changes, and The Swapper will be at the frontline of the development.

The site is still under construction, but please have a look and tell me what you think.

All The Best



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