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Easter Updates (7)

Here’s some essential reading for the Easter holidays, provided by high5finance:

Top Stories:

* Trading Outlook: April 5 – 9, 2010

* Gordon Brown: Global Bank Levy Accord Close

* Stocks, Commodities Rise

* Net Yen Shorts Surge As Euro Shorts Hit Fresh Record

* IMF: World Economy ”Not out of the Woods”

* Outlook: Investor Focus Turns to US Consumer, Fed

* ISM Survey: U.S. Service Industries Probably Accelerated

* Invasion of the Inflation Doves

* Australia Tries to Prevent Ship Breaking Up Near Reef

* 7.2 Earthquake Strikes Baja California

Latest News:

* U.S. Stock-Index Futures Advance

* Weighing the Week Ahead: Fed Fixation

* 300,000 iPads sold on day one

* Oil Surges to Highest Level in 17 Months

* Republicans dispute course of financial overhaul

* Suicide Bomber Kills Two Policemen in Russia

Latest Blog Posts:

Econotwist’s Blog: U.S. Republicans To Spend $50 million on “Tea Party”

StraightStocks.com: Today in Russian Business

Seeking Alpha: Complexity and Doom

Zero Hedge: A Cautionary Fable

The Huffington Post:The Unspoken Macro of the Citibank Saga

The Collector: Break through at Large Hadron Collider

Wall St. Cheat Sheet: Don’t Be a Fool: Watch the Bond Market, Not Bank Lending or Velocity

The EUobserver: Merkel´s treaty change

Latest Analysis:

* A Reason to Be Bullish?

* Time to Get Real About China

* Bulls Still Getting the Benefit of the Doubt

* American Bonds Most Likely to Crash

* Beijing Will Hike Rates, But Not So Soon

*A Few Caution Signals for the Bull Market

Recommended Reading:

* MasterCard, Visa, and the Card Sharks

* Credit card companies change tactics

* Russia’s Chechen War: It All Comes Down to Energy Rents

* Unserious About Iran

* The Biggest Victims of the Market Drop? Not Boomers

* The Recession’s 10 Most Outrageous Jobs Stories

* Is This an Economic Recovery?

* The Only iPad “Review” You Need To Read

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