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Estonian Newspapers Protesting With Blank Front Page

The leading Estonian newspaper Äripäev and five other national daily newspapers publish Wednesday either a blank frontpage or a blank page inside the newspaper in protest against the bill drafted by the justice ministry that could put journalists in prison for protection their sources.

“The new draft legislation would allow journalists in Estonia to be incarcerated for up to one year for protecting their sources.”

Baltic Business News

The bill, drafted by the justice ministry and now being discussed by MPs,  would weaken the protection of Estonian journalists sources. The new draft legislation would allow journalists to be incarcerated for up to one year for protecting their sources.

Should the bill be adopted in the given form, investigating the mischief of public authorities and public officials would become very complicated for journalists. Much easier, obviously, to write about topics which do not entail the looming breach of source protection for the journalist, balticbusinenessnews.com writes.

The draft act lists over 50 exceptions which oblige journalists to disclose their source to the police, the Prosecutor’s Office and the court. Upon failure to do so, one can be punished with a fine that equals up to 500 daily salaries or even face a year in jail.

After 2004, the press hasn’t been requested to disclose their sources in Estonia. It was then that the Tallinn police brought charges against Eesti Päevaleht reporter Sergo Selder in order to find out the name of the waiter who spat on a cutlet.

During the interrogation, Selder had to endure the policeman’s threats, and was also photographed against the mug-shot background like a prisoner. The investigation was concluded when the Prosecutor’s Office stepped in.

At the moment, The Code of Ethics of the Estonian Press obliges a journalist to protect confidential information sources.

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Norway: Police To Investigate "Monster Fish"

This is one of the most disturbing piece of news I’ve seem in a long time; over the last six months Norwegian fisherman have got  large amounts of deformed fish in the net. The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries refuse to disclose the results of the DNA testing. The police have now taken over the case.

“We have the report in the house, but have not started the investigation yet. That will happen in the near future. “

Tor Børge Nordmo

Photo: Directorate of Fisheries, Norway

The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries suspect that the cod have escaped from a fish farm, the broadcaster NRK reports. If that’s the case, we’re talking about serious environmental crime.

Directorate of Fisheries refuses to disclose the DNA report on the “Monster Cod” from Storfjord in Northern Troms.

The Directorate has decided to use part of the Freedom of Information Act, paragraph 24.

They do so to prevent the public from become aware of the DNA result  samples taken from the deformed cod, NRK says.

Here are more pictures of the fish that were caught in nets in Storfjord, Northern Norway, earlier this winter.

Photo: Per Pedersen

Mr. Ernst Bowl at the head aquaculture and fisheries management with the Fisheries Directorate in Troms says to NRK that the report is classified because of the suspicion about a crime has been committed.

Apart from this, Mr. Bowl or others at the Fisheries Directorate will not comment on the matter.

Senior researcher Atle Mortensen at Nofima believes the cod is from 2006, and says that when starting up the cod farms they saw many different deformities.

“I recognize all the anomalies in the pictures that the Directorate of Fisheries has published,” Mr. Mortensen says to the Norwegian newspaper Nordlys.

“When starting with farming of cod so we a lot of things,” he says. “Among other things; what we call “short tail”, fish with thick belly and a short spord.”

Photo: Directorate of Fisheries, Norway

Both the fishermen and the Directorate of Fisheries thinks the so called “monster cod” has escaped from a fish farm. If that’s the case, we’re talking about a serious environmental crime.

Photo: Directorate of Fisheries, Norway

Regional Director Gunnar Trulssen at the Directorate of Fisheries confirms Monday that the case is now submitted to the Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime (Økokrim) for further investigation.

“Yes, the police have been submitted the case for investigation. More than that, I can not say,” Trulssen says.

Police Lawyer Tor Børge Nordmo at Økokrim confirms that they have received the report from The Directorate of Fisheries.

“We have the report in the house, but have not started the investigation yet. That will happen in the near future,” Nordmo says to the Norwegian Broadcasting Company, NRK.

The only fish farm for cod in the area belong Storfjord Cod AS. The company has consistently denied that the cod comes from them.

According to chairman Steinar Eliassen there has been no escape from the farm since the storm that destroyed parts of the plant four years ago.

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