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Swedish Police Drop Rape Charges Against Julian Assange

Chief prosecutor Eva Finné has come to the decision that Julian Assange is not suspected of rape. Considering that, Assange is no longer arrested in his absence, the Swedish prosecutors writes on their website.

“There are powerful organizations behind this, and they strive to damage WikiLeaks.”

Kristinn Hrafnsson

The Swedish police have hunted the Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, this Saturday, after he was charged on suspicion of raping two women in Sweden.

“There are powerful organizations behind this, and they strive to damage WikiLeaks,” says Wikileaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson, according to AFP.

The Swedish newspaper Expressen reported Saturday morning that Assange was charged with two rapes.

Chief prosecutor Eva Finné will not make other comments.

He Can’t Take No For An Answer

The 30-year-old woman who spoke to Aftonbladet before it was known that charges was dropped, says she was sexually assaulted by Assange.

She became familiar with the other woman during Assanges stay in Sweden.

Together they contacted the police with their allegations.

“I believed at once, since I’ve experienced something similar,” she says to Aftonbladet.

The women have told the police that it started as a voluntary sexual intercourse. But turned into an abuse by Assange.

“The other woman want to file charges of rape. We stand fully and completely by our charges,” she says.

The conspiracy theories that now are buzzing abound the internet, do not frighten the 30-year-old:

“The accusations against Assange is not staged by either the Pentagon or anyone else. The responsibility for what has happened to me and the other woman lies with a man who has a crooked view of women, and who have trouble taking no for an answer,” she says.

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Wikileaks Founder Suspected Of Rape

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is wanted by Swedish police, suspected of raping two women in Stockholm, according to the Swedish newspaper Expressen. However, he controversial website says in a Twitter statement that the accusations are false. But Mr. Assange is nowhere to be found.

“We were warned nasty tricks. This is the first.”


Maria Häljebo Kjell Beach with the Stockholm police confirms that Julian Assange have been charged in absence, and that the they have “reasonable cause” for suspicion after the two women between 20 and 30 years have approached the police,  Expressen reports.

Assange are supposed to have met one of the women last weekend in an apartment in Stockholm. The other woman he met in Enköping Tuesday this week, the Swedish newspaper writes.

The two women are reported to be acquaintances of Mr. Assange, and have not wanted to report the rapes because they are afraid of Mr. Assange, , the police says.

Swedish police also says they do not know where Assange is staying.

The WikiLeaks-founder has been in Sweden recently for several meetings and lectures.

Expressen has failed to make contact with Julian Assange.

As of  Saturday morning, Mr. Assange had not contacted the police. But a couple of hours ago, he sent an email to the competing newspaper, Aftonbladet, in which he denies the allegations.

“Of course, the accusations are not true,” Mr. Assange writes.

The controversial publisher have recently signed a contract with Aftonbladet to become a regular columnist; “but those plans have been suspended until further notice,” editor in chief Jan Helin says.

“We are looking very seriously at this information. We are all awaiting further cooperation until we get clarity of what has happened,” the editor says.

Dirty Tricks

On Twitter, WikiLeaks writes that the news is false and that they have not been contacted by Swedish police.

“Express is a tabloid paper. No one here has been contacted by the Swedish police. It’s needless to say that this will prove to be very distracting,” WikiLeaks writes, and refers to the rape accusation as a “dirty trick”.

“We were warned of nasty tricks. This is the first,” WikiLeaks says.

Signed Deal With Child Porn Party

Supporter's of Sweden's Pirate Party celebrate at an election night party as results from EU Parliamentary elections are announced in Stockholm.


In addition Julian Assange had meetings with the Swedish Pirate Party last weekend to sign an agreement for the operation of WikiLeaks servers.

He then told the Pirate Party that he would be leaving Sweden on Wednesday.

The party, largely associated with its pro-internet-file-sharing stance, started out as a fringe movement but has grown in stature to become Sweden’s second largest party by membership, with two MEPs allied to the Greens in the European Parliament, and offshoots in 14 EU countries.

The libertarian Pirate Party in Sweden has set off a storm of controversy by arguing that the country’s current laws on child pornography should be done away with.

Haunted By The Pentagon

On Saturday, it was also known that the Pentagon examines the legal possibilities to charge Mr. Assange and WikiLeaks for having encouraged the theft of government documents.

WikiLeaks announced recently that they will shortly publish 15,000 pages of secret stamped, military documents.

The controversial site has previously published sensational material, including 77,000 pages of classified documents about the war in Afghanistan.

Documents that the US military and other experts says are putting the lives of the US soldiers in danger.

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