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Goldman Sachs Stripper Aims For Class Action Lawsuit

Some furiously called it a ridiculous attempt to tie Goldman Sachs to a stripper when Bloomberg/BusinesseWeek last week ran a story about 26 year old Carrianne Howard who paid over $70.000 for a college degree at a private college – partly owned by Goldman Sachs – but has to work as a stripper to make a living. However, neither Goldman or Ms. Howard seem to mind. The unpopular bank is suddenly looking a lot more sexy, as for Carrianne; she’s found a new purpose in life.

“As soon as I get enough signatures, I will be sending it to the highest form of government possible.”

Carrianne Howard

Wow! Goldman Sachs and a young stripper – that’s really kinky… No wonder the story traveled like a wildfire across the internet last week. But the thing is; she did in fact get an entry job in her industry of choice after graduating in December 2007, from which she was later laid off and had to turn to showing her tits for money instead. Blaming it on Goldman Sachs who owns 38% of the Art Institute is a bit far fetched, she agreed – at first.

So, she’s a stripper. So what?  As she says, “It’s really not a big deal.”

She also says she finds it bizarre that Goldman Sachs was blamed for her probs. Goldman Sachs, who Ms. Howard makes it perfectly clear she’s “never met with, never talked on the phone with, never did anything with”– is not the issue.

It’s these for-profit scam schools that are the problem, and she intends to release more videos about this topic and suggest it be investigated by Congress.

Jepp, now she’s looking for other students, family members of students that are associated with EMC, Goldman Sachs the art institute, an other students who are associated with for-profit colleges.

Here’s some samples of her work.

“And as soon as I get enough signatures, I will be sending it to the highest form of government possible.”

Adding: “Also I would like to form a class action lawsuit.”

And here’s the first campaign video:


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