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Webster Tarpley: The Financial Reform Is A Failure

Although many are calling the financial reform a victory for the Obama administration and for the White House, there are also those who see the whole thing as a big failure. One of them is author and investigative reporter Webster Tarpley:

“The bill leaves too much power in the hands of the Fed and doesn’t make any real changes.”

Webster Tarpley

h/t Gerald Celeste Trends Blog

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Ordnung muss sein


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A Day For Remembrance

Today – the 1th of May – most of Europe marks it’s proud ideals and traditions of solidarity and community spirit. Sadly, most of these ideals seem to have been forgotten and replaced by a short-term ideology of “the survival of the fittest.” Please, let me refresh our memory by playing a couple of songs and poems that’s been an important part of my upbringing and my education.

“War, children. it just a shot away.”

The Rolling Stones

I don’t think any other piece of music and lyric have been translated into so many languages as the famous “The Internationale“. The song is regarded by many as another attempt of communistic propaganda – nothing could be further from the truth. The message applies to all of us – regardless of religion, culture or political views.

Some things in history are too important to forget:

Message For The Youth

The next piece is originally a poem written by the Norwegian author Nordahl Grieg during on of Europe’s darkest hours.

It contains a message to the young people growing up – a message that’s even more relevant today than it was when is was written in the 1936.

Translated by Rob Sinclair, sung by  Kjersti Sofie Løvåsdal Halvorsen.

Message To Our Politicians

On my personal account I dedicate this one to our political leaders, along with a request to not forget the lessons of the past.

It’s time for some good ol’ rock’n’roll:

“War, children. it just a shot away.”

(All photos were taken in the run up to the Greek national elections in September 2007.)

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