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Here: The Economy Parody Songbook 2011

http://www.versusplus.com is out with their annual collection of economy parody songs; “The Versusplus Holiday Songbook”. Their combination of economic insight and musical talent makes the verusplus music videos of an exceptional high standard. Enjoy your holiday – and the songbook of 2011!

Spain is feeling smitten, France is feeling fried. Britain felling bitten, Wall Street occupied.”


It’s beginning to look a lot more riskless

You’ll find the whole songbook of 2011 here.

Hear also: font-family: Gallery;”>BBC interview of Marcy Shaffer & Jon Shayne/Merle Hazard from versusplus

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New Econparody Song About “Guess Who”

It’s always a pleasure to introduce new songs from versuplus.com. Their latest release is called “The Ballad of Diamond Jim,”  and is  a collaboration with acclaimed country econosinger/songwriter Merle Hazard and the PBS NewsHour economics team. “Diamond Jim” is an original econosong about banking regulation. It has – of course – nothing to do with the famous CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, also know as “the most dangerous man in america”.

“Our Game is diseconomy of scale. The key is to be too big to fail.”

Diamond Jim

You may watch and listen to the song  (with lyrics) at www.verusplus.com,

or you can download the video at youtube.

And here’s your bonus!

The PBS NewsHour has done an extraordinary 12-minute companion video – featuring former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson – that analyzes the lyric.

You can find it here:

The Ballad of a Would-Be, Too-Big-to-Fail Banker

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“Split-Rated” – New Econo-parody Song

Versusplus.com are kicking off the autumn  season with a clean goal, straight into the upper corner: “Split-Rated” is a song about the newly emerged strange situation of the US credit ratings. Enjoy!

“We’re standard and we’re poor.”


Here’s the song about Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the US credit rating, and the peculiar fact that other rating agencies are keeping the originnal triple-A.

“Split-Rated” are written and sung by Curtis Threadneedle, Marcy Shaffer  at http://www.versusplus.com, and Merle Hazard at http://www.merlehazard.com.

Sing along!

Watch “SPLIT-RATED”: on YouTube @ http://youtu.be/eaNDQD_WFIE, and on versusplus.com, with text of lyrics, @http://versusplus.com/split-rated.html

MORE econoparody songs at iRock.

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