What Journalists Thinks About Journalism

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Let me present you with a solid piece of good ol’ journalism, performed by the talented Abigail Edge at journalism.co.uk. She was wondering about what journalists wish they had known before joining the industry? And she actually went out and asked them!

“I wish I had known that experience can teach you more than a text-book ever will, and that journalism is so much more than words.”

Elliott Lewis-George


Well, she didn’t physically go out and ask these people, of course. But – as you know – a tweet is as good as a wink. 

This is a type of reporting I definitely would like to see more of.

journalistLike; what did politicians wish they had known before they became politicians? Or; what do doctors wish they had known about medicine before they became doctors. And (perhaps), what prostitutes wish they had known before hitting the streets? It would be really, really interesting.

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