For Every 7 New Social Media Account, 5 New Fake Are Found

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I assume most of you are familiar with the term “spam” and have some idea what it’s all about. The you should easily figure out the expression “social spam“.  It sounds almost a bit nicer, but don’t be fooled. Because you are now the main target of organized cyber criminals, infiltrating your social networks, making you into a hidden part of their new botnets for distribution of illegal drugs, child pornography and counterfeit products.

“Social bots and fake accounts are used to infiltrate the victim’s social media world. Together, these new attack methods can significantly detract from a brand’s social media presence and the social marketing ROI.”



The reasearch team at Nextgate have jus released their report “2013 State of Social Media Spam”. Witch, by the way, is up 355 percent in the first half of 2013.  Actually, ,as much as 40% of all social media accounts may have been used to magnify and broaden the spam distribution over the last 2 years, the report says.

phishingE-mail providers have made substantial efforts to block the annoying mass mailing from…

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