Norway’s Right-Wing Parties To Form New Government

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Norway‘s two main right-wing parties – “Høyre” and “Fremskrittspartiet – will form the new Norwegian government, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation reports. The details are to be presented at a press conference in about 30 minutes.

NRK is quoting several sources who attended the parties meeting earlier  today. There have been many speculations and a high level of uncertainty about  the outcome of the government negotiations, which has been going on for twelve days,

The news paper, Dagbladet, reported earlier that the four conservative  winners of the election  had agreed to recommend to their fellow party members to say yes to the a for-party government coalition, while another news paper, Aftenposten, cites a parliamentary source that there will be only Conservatives (Høyre) and ultra conservatives from “Fremskrittspartiet” (Progress party) sitting in the new government.

But according NRK’s sources, the final outcome will be a two-party coalition…

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