German Election: More Money, More Beer and More Sex

Remember Island’s “Best Party“? Promising a polar bear for the Reykjavik zoo, free towels at all swimming pools, a Disneyland theme park at the airport and a drug-free parliament by 2020,….They actually won an election…

Rational Arrogance

Last Friday, the German satirical party, “Die Partei,” was officially approved by the agency responsible for overseeing German federal elections as one of 38 parties eligible to run.  “Die Partei” (“The Party“) promise to build a wall around Germany to tackle globalization, financial market turmoil and the euro crisis, limit management pay to 25,000 times the ordinary worker’s pay, put Angela Merkel in a cage and “frack” Germany’s environment minister to release the “tremendous energy resources” within him if they come to power in the upcoming German election.

“This election campaign has been so boring because we haven’t been a part of it yet, We’re going to change that.”

Martin Sonneborn

Good luck with that, Mr. Sonneborn! And thanks for showing us that you Germans do in fact have a sense of humor, after all…

533901_310628132338103_1302280668_n“We’re a party that wants to gain power just like…

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