Welcome to Watergate Hotel, Mr. President

Rational Arrogance

I hope you will enjoy your stay. Oh, and I hope you don’t mind a few bugs in the bedroom, after all, they’re harmless, right? Speaking of hope, I really hope you are able to leave the Watergate Hotel with a little bit more dignity than some of our former residents, you know, like President Clinton and President Nixon

What I have been suspecting for a while is now being confirmed by German website SPIEGLE Online. Current US President, Barak Obama, used the governments data surveillance program to manipulate the second election process in his favor. With all due respect, Mr. President, I think that is cheating.

Here’s what Gregor Peter Schmitz at DerSPIEGEL writes:

Obama recruited the smartest people from Google and Facebook to categorize American voters by up to 500 different personal proclivities. His IT foot soldiers were able to determine their age, gender, education and favorite…

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