Open Letter From A Closed TV Station

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The Turkish Hayat TV may be the first, but hardly the last public broadcaster that will be forced to close down as a result of the EU leaders desperate battle to control the flow of information. Similar attempts have been observed in Russia,, Spain, Greece and in Estonia, among others. Over the next couple of years we’ll see a real battle of power – and the ultimate test of traditional journalism. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner.

“We call on all democratically minded people to show solidarity with Hayat TV.”

Mustafa Kara


Last Friday, June 14, at 12 pm, the TV screen of Hayat TV in Turkey went black. The broadcaster was closed down permanently on order from the Turkish regulators who says the broadcaster do not have a valid licence to use the public TURKSAT satellite for program distribution.

A few minutes later Mustafa Kara at Hayat TV wrote and published…

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