US Surveillance: More Than Just Surveillance

Rational Arrogance

As I’m writing this, every word is scanned – in real time – by the most advanced supercomputer available to humanity, placed in some extremely discrete place somewhere in the United States of America. Even thou I’m posing from Europe, the data from my computer is redirected between 10 and 20 times before it’s stored on the WordPress server, also situated in the US. Some of the routers can not be identified. Well, that’s no news to those who have been following my increasing focus on information technology over the last couple of years. But some of my greatest concerns have increased, too. The supercomputer have already predicted the next word I will write, – before I have written it, decided if any action is required and executed the preprogrammed response

“Everybody’s a target; everybody with communication is a target.”

US Official


The main concern amongst most mainstream media…

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