The (Very) Small Difference Between Influence and Manipulation

Rational Arrogance

Much have been said and written about social media and social influence lately. I have personally contributed with several posts this year and  I thought I had it pretty well covered. Until some smartass hacker asked me the following question:

 “Ask yourself; can I achieve the same goal using influence without manipulation?”

Eric “Urbal” Maxwell


And let’s be honest: Can you? As for myself, I’m not sure. In fact, I’m not even sure if there is any difference! According to most dictionaries there is, but in practical terms? Still not sure…

I’ve been looking through a handful of different online dictionaries and found at least twice as many definitions.

Did you know that “manipulation” also can mean skillful or artful management“? And that influence sometimes means “the power to persuade or obtain advantages as a result of one’s social status, wealth or position” You know…as in “corruption”?

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