The Endless Stream of Purified Nonsens…and one thing…

Rational Arrogance

Sometimes when I go through the daily news headlines, I try to imagine how much time and resources that are used to produce totally irrelevant content, sometimes with the only obvious reason to generate extra traffic to  the site by exploiting trending search keywords. I will give you a nice roundup of last weeks news headlines in major mainstream media, but – first – please check out this intervju with the German MEP, Jan Philip Albrecht.Not the biggest media thing this week – still it appear to me to be of some importance.

“I think we will completely lose the trust in the European Parliament and in the European Union as a whole.”

Jan Philip Albrecht


Without too much noise, the published last week an intervju with German Green MEP, Jan Philip Albrecht. The MEP comments on the biggest change of laws in the history of the EU…

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