Email From the Grave: Google Goes From Creepy to Spooky

If you are going to use this service, make sure you notify your 10 trusted contacts when you activate it – you won’t risk scaring them to death, would you?

Rational Arrogance

I’m probably not the only one who finds the search giant’s massive efforts to collect as much personal information about us as possible somewhat creepy. But Google’s new feature called “digital afterlife” that let’s you send emails to friends and family after you are dead is just spooky. Additionally, Google will also send you a text message three months after your funeral to inform you that all your accounts are about to be deleted.

“We hope that this new feature will enable you to plan your digital afterlife.”

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How would you react if you suddenly got an email from a close friend or family member who died several months ago? If you did not know about Google’s “Inactive Account Manager,” I can imagine it would come as shock. However, the new afterlife account manager is just another example on how technology is changing – not…

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