What’s going On Online, Bank of America?

Nothing to see here, move along… Yeah, right! We’ve heard that one a couple of times before… Now, the customers of Bank of America is having trouble signing into their accounts in the past six days, but BoA still refuse to give an explanation to why the banks website is in trouble.

“When outages occur, companies need to keep customers updated.”

Jacob Jegher

Bank of America is the largest US bank by deposits and has about 29 million online customers. During the past week these people have been forced to go to a nearby branch or an ATM to do their banking business. Why? Nobody really knows – and Bank of America is certainly not telling.

A message on its home page says most of the website was working normally, but customers may experience “occasional delays.”
A spokeswoman for Bank of America Corp., Tara Burke, says the company doesn’t disclose the causes for website problems and noted that online banking was now available. She declined to say how many customers may still be experiencing slowness signing in, The San Francisco Chronicle reports.

“Given the last few days, we are rigorously monitoring our online banking system and chose to continue deploying an alternate home page to ensure that customers get to the right destination quickly,” Burke says.

The website delays mean customers who normally bank online may have had to head to a branch or ATM to access their accounts in recent days.

The bank’s customers also had difficulty accessing their accounts in January and March.
In both those instances, the problems resulted from “routine system upgrades,” according to the company.
(Heard that one, too..quite a few times..)

Shawn White, vice president of Keynote Systems Inc., which monitors the performance of company websites, says banks in recent years have invested heavily in promoting the convenience and safety of their online services.
Adding that the length of Bank of America’s latest outage could seriously damage customer confidence in the company’s services.
White says that Keynote’s monitoring system detected slowness in Bank of America’s online service in 10 cities as recently as Wednesday afternoon.

When outages occur, companies need to keep customers updated, says online banking analyst Jacob Jegher with research firm Celent.
That’s especially true for banks because of the sensitive nature of the information they’re handling, he adds.
Even if the bank doesn’t give an explicit reason for the outage, Jegher points out, companies’ participation in social media has led customers to expect a greater level of communication.
“We’re in an environment now where electronic banking is a mainstream channel. Any extended outage is unacceptable – particularly for a bank with this many customers,” he concludes.

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