Why I Have Stopped Blogging at WordPress.com

I must apologize to my regular readers for not posting anything lately. The reason is that WordPress.com is about to become one of the most unsecure websites in the entire cyber space. As you can see in this screenshot below:

I can log onto every sleazy porn site, but not wordpress.com

It’s more that a week since I asked the wordpress support dep. about what the Hell is going on! They haven’t bothered to give me an answer, yet.

My web browser, Comodo Dragon, warns me of unsecure websites.

Last week when trying to log on to EconoTwist’s, I was greeted with a big red sign, saying the site was temporary blocked because of phishing.

“The site contains links to viruses or other software programs that can reveal personal information stored or typed on your computer to malicious persons,” the message warns.

And without going into details, as I’m writing this I can see typical signs of some kind of key logger software activity.

The support people of WordPress.com have not taken any notice of my request for an explanation, so until I’ve solved this myself I won’t be posting much – sorry.

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6 responses to “Why I Have Stopped Blogging at WordPress.com

  1. I would love to share your Amazing Site to my friends on Facebook, how to do that?

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  3. Barnz

    Are you sure it’s not your computer that is infected? There are many scripts out there which inject into various websites, that may be your issue.

    If not, I’d be very interested to find out what’s going on here, keep us posted!

    • Honestly – I’m not sure of anything these days…. But I’ve been through every corner of my hard drives and can’t find anything abnormal. I’m tracking the traffic in and out of my network at the moment. It might provide more clues to what this is, and if the problem is to be found at the wordpress servers or somewhere in between.
      Thanks for caring.