Want to Smack Down the Criminal Global Banking Cartel?

Yeah, I believe there’s quite a few investors who would like to smack a couple of bankers after being deceived about their financial situation and the state of the economy in general. I do not encourage violence in any way, but would really like to see someone pull the pants of those big shots who think they’re just doing God’s work while the common tax payers are financing their private jets, limousines, 7 apartments and 14 beach houses. And the more sophisticated, the better. JS Kim at SmartKnowledgeU appears to have a plan.

“Sell the likely fraudulent SLV and GLD ETFs, cease participating in the fraudulent gold/silver futures markets, buy physical gold and silver, and buy gold/silver mining stocks.”  

JS Kim

In 1966, Alan Greenspan wrote an essay more than two decades before his sold his soul to bankers, that indicted the US Federal Reserve in as clear language as possible for the Great Depression that afflicted the world economies at the end of the 1920’s and through the 1930’s. Greenspan wrote that by bailing out the Bank of England‘s drastic devaluation of the pound, the US Federal Reserve “nearly destroyed the economies of the world,” JS Kim writes.

And he continues:

Though Greenspan’s words served as a strong indictment as possible of Central Bank failures to serve humanity and to only serve the greedy private interests that backed them, the whole world seemed to forget Greenspan’s words for the next 46-years.

Only today are people finally realizing the truth about Central Banks and the behemoth commercial banks that serve under them – that they have no interest in promoting price stability or full employment but only in transferring wealth from every single citizen of the world to themselves and the crony politicians that serve their interests.

Gold Related Assets (Source: World Gold Council)

Want to participate in smacking down the criminal global banking cartel? Here’s how to do it:

Sell the likely fraudulent SLV and GLD ETFs, cease participating in the fraudulent gold/silver futures markets, buy physical gold and silver, and buy gold/silver mining stocks.

The good news is(1) This is a simple strategy; and (2) Buy wisely, and you will likely build significant wealth while participating in this strategy.

The fraudulent immoral monetary system that bankers have imposed upon the world that steals money from savers and creditors and transfers wealth to governments, debtors and bankers can only be perpetuated by the price control mechanisms bankers have instituted for gold and silver.

Destroy these price control mechanisms and the fiat currency system will fail.And what happens if the fiat currency system fails?

We all have a chance to institute an honest and equitable monetary system that promotes price stability and sustainable growth instead of struggling under a dishonest one that destroys these desirable socio-economic qualities.

The ability of bankers to suppress the price of gold and silver (yes, even the price of $1,800 gold and $40 silver is severely suppressed) is based upon their ability to sell the perception that a much greater supply of silver and gold exists than actually does.

In fact, in this very newsletter, on April 27, despite all the PM media “experts” that tried to scare investors out of silver by claiming a silver bubble back then, we sent out an issue of this free newsletter titled “Silver is NOT a bubble” and then nearly called the exact bottom range of this silver correction for our paying members a couple of months ago.

Over the past six years, I have publicly blogged dozens of times regarding the mechanisms bankers use to accomplish the suppression of gold and silver prices, including most recently in my article, “Why Gold and Silver Prices Will More than Double Again Even from Current Prices.”

Smack That!

Current data provided by the CME regarding gold and silver futures contracts that trade on the COMEX reveal that about 100 times more paper gold ounces trade on this exchange every year than all the physical gold that exists in the world and some where around 160 times paper silver ounces trade every year than all the physical silver that exists in this world.

By expanding the supply of paper ounces of gold and paper ounces of silver at the same time that real physical supply of gold and silver are shrinking, the bankers have been able to suppress the price of gold and silver from reaching its true free market prices for decades.

The GLD and SLV very likely participate in this fraudulent scheme in helping to creating massive illusory supply of gold and silver that simply does not exist.

Thus if gold and silver are freed from the criminal global banking cartel’s scheme to suppress their prices, this will help all people in the world, even the Doubting Thomases, to recognize the fraud of our current fiat currency system.

Under our current monetary system, a businessman will never be able to receive the same value for the money he receives for any goods and services rendered unless he immediately spends all of said money.

The fact is,it is impossible for a businessman that holds fiat currency for services rendered for a duration of time any longer than a few months to then receive the equivalent value of that fiat currency when it was first received.

This fact about our current monetary system is a massive disincentive for any businessman anywhere in the world to work harder as the reward of additional nominal amounts of money can never be equivalent to the effort put forth.

Thus, our “modern” fiat currency system literally destroys any chance to achieve sustainable economic efficiency.

If a businessman works harder to earn 17.65%more money than last year, but that 17.65% boost in the nominal amount of money only enables him to purchase the exact same goods and services as last year due to an annual 15% inflation rate ($117,647 * 85% = $100,000), at some point and time, the destruction of efficiency that our fiat currency system imposes upon all businesses will inevitably lead to business contraction instead of sustainable business growth.

So how do we fight back against this unjust and immoral fiat monetary system created by Central Bankers?

Below are three simple steps we all can take. (1) Stop enabling banker fraud and realign your interests with the interests of humanity. Yes that means if you are long the GLD and SLV,or rollover long gold and silver futures contracts without ever takingphysical delivery, you are silently facilitating the banker war against humanity as you aid and a bet them in creating an illusory supply of gold and silver that simply does not exist. (2) Sell GLD and SLV shares and re-invest the proceeds of these sales into physical gold and physical silver and/or gold and silver miningshares. (3) Settle all long gold/silver futures contracts with physical delivery only and not in cash.

Gold stocks are a great value right now as you can see in the below chart. So are silver stocks as well. (Even though my Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter has returned roughly a cumulative +220% over the past four years, since I believe gold/silver mining stocks to be the most highly undervalued asset class in the entire stock market now, I honestly believe that we will shatter those returns in the next four years.)

However, ever since introducing the GLD and SLV, bankers have successfully been able to steer money away from fundamentally solid gold and silver stocks into these likely fraudulent ETFs.

To see the above referenced chart and to read the rest of this article, click here.

Best investing,

JS Kim

Chief  Investment Strategist


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