“Split-Rated” – New Econo-parody Song

Versusplus.com are kicking off the autumn  season with a clean goal, straight into the upper corner: “Split-Rated” is a song about the newly emerged strange situation of the US credit ratings. Enjoy!

“We’re standard and we’re poor.”


Here’s the song about Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the US credit rating, and the peculiar fact that other rating agencies are keeping the originnal triple-A.

“Split-Rated” are written and sung by Curtis Threadneedle, Marcy Shaffer  at http://www.versusplus.com, and Merle Hazard at http://www.merlehazard.com.

Sing along!

Watch “SPLIT-RATED”: on YouTube @ http://youtu.be/eaNDQD_WFIE, and on versusplus.com, with text of lyrics, @http://versusplus.com/split-rated.html

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