Update: Man Arrested In Poland For Participating In Oslo Terror, Bomber Jailed For 8 Weeks

According to the Norwegian newspaper “Dagbladet” have Polish police conducted a raid in the town Wroclaw. One man is allegedly arrested and is being charged with providing the Oslo bomber – Anders Behring Breivik – with fertilizers to be used in making of the bomb that demolished the Norwegian government building on Friday afternoon.

“I have no comment on this.”

Carol Sandbye

Several Polish media reports Monday that a man is charged with complicity in the attack on government officials in Oslo, Friday. This is supposed to have happened in connection with a raid in the city of Wroclaw on Sunday. However, Norwegian police are not able to verify this information.

“I have no comment on this,” says police prosecutor Carol Sandby to Dagbladet.

According to Polish media the arrested man is the owner of an internet store in the local town Wroclaw.

Other Polish media reports that the store owner also is holder of a company that supplies chemical products over the internet.

He was detained on Sunday by people from the Polish police and state security police.

The man lives in Wroclaw – and runs his business from there.

According to the website Onet.pl the Polish government on Friday received an urgent message from the Norwegian police. They were asked to examine the particular man, and the business he runs over the net.

Today, his reported to have been  arrested.

A Polish lawyer told the news paper “Dagbladet” that the man can be detained for up to 48 hours without having to be brought before a judge.

The lawyer says that there must be solid evidence against him, since the Polish government already is releasing details about the initial indictment.

The man could be charged with assistance to the murder of several people.

The contact with the Polish company appears in his so-called manifesto written by Anders Behring Breivik himself.

A court meeting in Oslo is just about to start. The meeting will decide is Mr. Breivik shall remain in jail until the investigation is concluded.

Anders Behring Breivik has asked for an open meeting with presence of the media, but this has been denied by the judge for security reasons.

One of the reasons for denying the accused an open court hearing is a fear of Mr. Breivik sending secret messages to possible accomplices.



The accused admit to the actual bombing and shooting, but pleaded NOT GUILTY as charged before the court.

The court denied the accused his wish for an open hearing, in addition to wear a uniform, and sentenced him to eight week in custody under total isolation.

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