Oslo Death Toll Rise To 101

Norwegian police are still searching for dead and missing persons after Friday’s terrorist attack against the government building in Oslo and the shooting at the political summer camp at Utoya. So far 84 people is confirmed dead in the shooting incident, 7 are reported dead after the bombing.  The police says on Saturday morning that the death toll may rise further.

One Norwegian citizen- the 32 year old Anders Behring Breivik – was arrested Saturday. He is being charged with both the shooting and the bombing. Norwegian police have confirmed that they are looking for a second shooter, an about 30 seconds ago another young man was arrested with a knife in his pocket.

The 32-year-old was arrested Friday after having shot and killed at least 84 people on Utøya, and detonated a bomb at the government building that took seven lives.

He is charged under the Norwegian Penalty Code section 147a of terrorist acts.

The charges may lead to a sentence of up to 21 years in prison.

Norwegian police says on a press conference Saturday morning that the numbers of deaths are still uncertain.

They are still looking for more casualties around Utøya, and they have still no overview of what may be in the ruined buildings of the ministries.

The police said at the news conference that the number of fatalities may be higher.

The case against the 32 year old is extensive, the police underlineds.

Director of Public Prosecutions has ordered the Oslo police to take full responsibility for the investigation of both cases.

Efforts to investigate the damage, conduct technical investigations and identify the dead will take a long time, the police says.

The sealed area of the explosion will not be released until the police have full control over it.

The police also confirm Saturday that the arrested Anders Behring Breivik has views on the right side in politics, and they characterize  him as a Christian fundamentalist.
Breivik was arrested by police special squad. The police seized a machine gun.

Until Saturday morning, he had been in informal talks with the police, but this will be throughout the day Saturday going over to formal questioning.

According to several news media, the shooter have bought more than 6  tonnes of fertilizer over the last months through his personal company.

It is believed that the fertilizer have been used to make the bomb that totally destroyed the offices of the Norwegian government.



If you have friends, family or relatives in Oslo and wonder if they are safe, you may call the national information service at (+47) 815 02 800.

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