Terror Attack: Norwegian Government Building Bombed, At Least 2 Dead, 15 Injured

One or two powerful bombs went off inside – or close to – the offices of the Norwegian government about 3:20 pm (local time), Friday. The prime minister himself, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg is said to be unharmed, but the first reports says that at least 2 people are dead and many more are injured. The area – now sealed off – looks more or less like a war zone. Norwegian police – armed with machine guns – investigate the explosion as an act of terror. Outside Oslo a man dressed as a police officer is shooting randomly around him.


A powerful explosion went off in downtown Oslo on Friday afternoon. The explosion was heard and known in many parts of the city center. It is the government quarter that is hit, including by the Prime Minister’s office.

In the government building – known as the government tower block – almost every window is shattered. The powerful explosion also shattered shop windows in a broad area around the tower block.

According to the Norwegian news agency – NTB – is Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg safe and unharmed.

Hospitals in Oslo has declared full catastrophe alarm, at least 2 people are confirmed dead, 9 is confirmed seriously wounded.

According to the police, there are still people trapped inside the building, but at the moment there is total chaos in the Norwegian capital.

No one knows for sure what has happened, why or how may that is affected.

However, the police confirms now that is most likely was a bomb that went off inside the government building, and that they are investigating the incident as an act of terror. Some speculations, however, suggests a car bomb.

BBC reports that 3 persons have been arrested Britain in relation to the Oslo bombing.

At Oslo Airport Gardermoen, there is right now a thorough search operation going on, the airport management says.

Norwegian police are now starting a press conference – updates will follow as soon as I get them.

The following Norwegian news media are covering the story at the moment:

TV 2 Nyhetskanalen

Verdens Gang (VG) The Norwegian news paper VG has its main office right across the street for the government building. According to journalists at VG, there are still many people lying lifeless inside the building. The news paper writes on its website that is an act of terror, caused by a powerful car bomb.

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation – NRK.


If you have family or relatives in Oslo and wonder if they are safe, you may call the national information service at (-47) 815 02 800.

The Norwegian police have confirmed that the cause of the explosion was a bomb, but they still won’t comment on who they suspect is behind the bombing.

Separately, a  group that calls themselves “Helpers of the Global Jihad” have  posted a comment online, saying: “This is just a taste of what’s to come.”

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Tribute for victims of Oslo bomb blast


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