Charlie Sheen: “Winning – Wall Street III”

Well, after reducing the popular TV showTwo and a Half Men” to about 1,75, I guess Charlie had to come up with a new scheme to keep up the cigars. But as usual, that lucky bastard gets someone else to do it for him: A financial adviser on Wall Street. The man has all the essential qualifications; loves a good party, has a high tolerance for drugs and alcohol and capable of giving a total rats ass about everyone else but himself over an extended period of time. At least the manuscript for “Wall Street 3” practically writes itself in this music video, just uploaded on You Tube.


And I can tell you – as a media professional for more than 20 years, and quite familiar with editing of both audio and video, this piece of work is a genuine craftmanship.

Just notice how the pictures, the texts (lyrics) and the music are put together – how it fits together 100% throughout the whole video.

Definitively one of the best music video parodies of 2011 so far!










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