Okay, Let’s Try This One More Time

Well, here we go again… The hardheaded site managers at WordPress keep on deleting my blogs because of some diffuse “violation of terms.”  I suppose it has something to do with the advertizing at the sites. But that’s okay. They’re just trying to do their job- So, I won’t waste any time arguing about it – let’s just get back to work.

“You have many links on your site and in your posts to an affiliate-based network (avafx.com). These links are not permitted on WordPress.com.”


Yes, I confess: I have broken the Holy Laws of WordPress.com. But as you see, I’m back up – more rebellious than ever! And for the advertizing; I will put them somewhere else, and provide you with a link. By the way – welcome to the new site of the Econotwist’s !

All the usual stuff, the articles, the photo comments and the collection of financial music videos is here. I’ll just have to organize it a little better.

Some new features are underway, and I will introduce them in a timely manner.

Today I’m launching a series of articles/commentaries, originally published in the period between October 2008 and December 2009.

I have realized that these articles are just as relevant now – perhaps even more – as they where when I wrote them.

However, they’re only available in Norwegian at the moment, so they have to be translated.

The series will be call “T&R” – Translated & Reposted.

Here are a few highlights:

“Thou, Bank Almighty!”

An analysis of the overall trends in the financial industry.

“In For Landing”

The article The White House didn’t want you to read – in fact, it’s the first and only time I’ve been censored!  (It’s about FED chairman Ben Bernanke)

The Green Capitalism

Is it really possible to make a capitalistic system work to the benefit of the environment? A mind game.

In addition, I’ll pick up the trace of a big unsolved mystery, and provide details on some shady banking activity in the Baltic region.

The first article in the T&R series will be available in English later today.

Stay tuned, my friends!

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