Local Clothing Manufacturer Hires The Rolling Stones

The Norwegian Oslo.based clothing manufacturer, Dressmann, has signed a contract with legendary rock band The Rolling Stones. Mick Jagger & Co will be promoting the manufacturers clothes as the company aim to penetrate the global markets and become a world leading provider of suits and shirts for business people.

“Rolling Stones will also make a collection that will be sold by us, we have purchased the rights to six new Rolling Stones songs and we want to use the band in various promotional campaigns.”

Knut Vidar Nilsen

It must be like a manufacturers dream to have some of the most famous artists with one of the worlds most recognized logo to promote their clothes. The Dressmann company will not disclose how much the cost of the deal, but says the initiative originally came from the Stones’ record company, Universal.

According to the Norwegian financial newspaper, Finansavisen, will the two owners of Dressmann have to come up with a double digit number of million NOK to gain exclusive rights to use the Rolling Stones brand together with their own.

The partnership with the legendary rock band is a part of the clothing manufacturers strategy to become one of the worlds leading producers of men’s clothes.

Petter and Marius Varner

The two brothers, Petter Varner and Marius Varner, have already spent several hundred million NOK to redesign the company, with colors matching the famous Rolling Stones tongue, and set up 400 new Dressmann shops

At the moment the Varner group have a total of 1100 outlets all over Scandinavia and in the Baltic countries.

Now it’s time for the “big bang.”

Last week the Varner-brothers hired two airplanes and invited 600 employees to a kick-of event in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Last night the event was completed with a private concert with The Rolling Stones.

The Golden Connection

The foundation for the cooperation is said to be that both parties are targeting the exact same market segment – financially healthy men between the age of 45 and 65.

This has been The Stones’ strategy since the mid 80’s, and a major factor behind their success today. This is the people who can afford to replace their old collections of vinyl with new CD’s and DVD’s, and are able (and willing) to pay $200 for a concert ticket.

Surveys also show that the bands popularity in this particular market segment goes straight across all social and cultural barriers. Only a handful of other artists have managed to do the same.

And the bands logo – the tongue – is one of the most recognized brands in the world, alongside McDonalds and CocaCola.

Besides having the same customers, there is also another notable similarity; both the Rolling Stones Incorporated and the Dressmann company was founded in 1962.

The manufacturer, today known as Dressmann and Varner group, was established by Frank Varner at a single shop on Oslo’s east side. His slogan was “Good Quality at a Good Prize.”

That turned out the be the key to success for the company who specializes in  making clothes for mature men; suits, coats, shirts and neckties.

Dressmann is now the leading provider of business suits and men’s accessories in the Nordic countries.

Today the company is run by his two sons, Petter and Marius, who have decided to take the business to a whole new level.

Adding Exclusivity

By teaming up with The Rolling Stones, Peter and Marius Varer are adding to the company the only thing they’ve never had; exclusivity.

Mick Jagger and Keith RichardsThe Dressmann clothes have always been regarded as “every-men-clothes,” without a strong brand to promote.

Included in the deal with the famous rock-stars is an exclusive Rolling Stones collection of men’s clothes, the exclusive rights to commercial use six new songs, production of exclusive TV commercials featuring The Rolling Stones and sale of a new collectors CD – only available through the Dressmann shops in Norway.

Dressmann and The Rolling Stones have been negotiating for a year and a half, according to Knut Vidar Nilsen at the marketing firm Sprint.

He says the deal is a mutual cooperation to promote both music and clothes in a new way.

“Going forward we will look at how we might develop the cooperation with the Rolling Stones even further,” Nilsen says.

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