The Great American EconoSongbook of 2010 is putting their final touch on their “Holiday Songbook 2010,” and has just released another econoparody – this time it’s about foreclosures, mortgage securitization and (of course) banks.  The new song is a re-write of the classic “Oh Holy Night-” The versusplus version is called “Oh Robo-ly Night.”

“Our Might! We enshrine – Our right to be elephantine.”

The 2010 HOLIDAY SONGBOOK continues with ROBO-‘LY RIGHT, an econoparody of “O Holy Night.”

Words by Placide Cappeau/Music by Adolphe Charles Adam/Translated from French to English by John Sullivan Dwight.

“ROBO-‘LY RIGHT” is also part of the operetta SONG OF THE ROBBER BARON, and introduces the Robber Baroness.

Download the “ROBO-‘LY RIGHT” song from iTunes (US):

Watch “ROBO-‘LY RIGHT” on or (with parody lyrics)

Watch “ROBO-‘LY RIGHT” on YouTube:

More great econosongs at iRock.


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