The Economic Recovery Myth

Former OMB director David Stockman points out that the US government sector for the first time in history is shrinking: “The reason is that governments are broke… we are going to have to cut back government employment,” he says.

“I don’t think the market discounts anything anymore.”

David Stockman

“If you take core government plus the middle class economy (65 million jobs), that’s the breadwinning economy, if we take some numbers – how many jobs in the “core economy” in November – zero; how many jobs since last December: net zero; how many jobs since the bottom of the recession in June 2009: still a million behind from when the recession ended.”

As to whether the economy can grow without employment growth: “I can’t imagine how it can because employment growth generates income growth which is the basis for spending and saving ultimately and we are not getting income growth out of the middle class.”

According to Stockman the job growth has come almost exclusively from the part-time economy, saying:  “There is 35 million jobs in that sector, with an average wage of $20,000 a year: that is not a breadwinning job, you can’t support a family on that, you can’t save on that. Those jobs will not generate income that will become self-feeding into spending.”

And about the fact that the stock markets keeps on rising in spite of everything, Stockman says:

“I can’t explain the market… I don’t know what it is pricing today, I don’t think the market discounts anything anymore, it is purely a daytraders’ market that is trading off the FED, trading off the headlines. One day it is manic, the next day it is depressive, and we can’t draw any conclusions.”

From CNBC:

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