A Euro Vacation (2010 Summary)

WilliamBanzai7: “Every January, the Global Ponzi Elite ascend to Davos Switzerland to congratulate themselves on the fine job they are doing of fleecing the rest of us.You will recall that the current Euro debacle started picking up steam precisely on the week of the Davos meeting this past January.”

Well, as we’re approaching The World Economic Forum of 2011, I guess it’s only appropriate to look back at what we’ve been through during 2010:

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The blogger WillianBanzai7 has caught may people attention this year with his artistic – and humorous – coverage of the financial crisis.


A visit to his gallery is highly recommended.

“Anyone who continues to claim that the global financial meltdown is an exclusive product of the good ol’ US of A is 100%, a certifiable douche bag on steroids. The same nefarious crew of Internationale Ponzi Globalists that availed itself of Bernanke and Geithner‘s bailout largesse when AIG hit the skids, is waiting to be saved yet again in Ireland. Meanwhile, the one called Deutsche Bank has already announced it’s intention to once again pay record banksta bonuses this Christmas. Merry Christmas (Fröhliche Weihnachten!) Europe!”


(The full post at www.zerohedge.com)

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