Marc Faber Expects Market Sell Off On QE2 Announcement

With vacuum tubes expecting QE next Wednesday to come anywhere between $500 billion a $10 trillion, it falls upon Marc Faber to naturally take the other side of the bet, who, in this interview with Margaret Brennan, tells the impeccably coiffed Bloomberg anchor that instead of inciting the mother of all flash dashes and hitting the BlackRock 12 month target of Dow 36,000, Mr. Faber instead anticipates that the FED decision “could disappoint investors and may prompt a correction in US stocks.”

In response to Margaret’s question if size does in fact matter, Faber responds that anything under a trillion will “disappoint.”

And with Goldman now throwing out bogeys as high as $2-4 trillion, it is almost inevitable that a sell the news type day will be virtual certainty on mid-term election day.

“The markets are stretched: weak dollar, strong PMs and strong equities – I think a correction is overdue. But I wouldn’t think that a bear market is around the corner.”

In fact the opposite: “Maybe we will have a crack up boom in stocks and commodities like between the end of 1999 and March 2000 when the markets went up very strongly,” Faber says.

Marc “Gloom-And-Doom” Faber is once again mostly bearish on bonds (and cash), due to his long-running expectation that inflation, whether modest or hyper, will make all fixed paper investments lose value very fast.

As for specific equity sectors Faber highlights agricultural commodities and “I continue to recommend the accumulation of precious metals, whereby I think they are overdue for some kind of a correction here and then we’ll get the next move probably next year and then thereafter.”


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