Copenhagen: One-Leg Suiscide Bomber Fail To Blow

A massive police presence and bomb experts sealed off a large area in Copenhagen Friday afternoon, after a man tried to detonate a suicide bomb in a hotel toilet. However, the man, with one artificial leg, failed to blow him self up and was seen running from the place with minor injuries and blood in his face.

“The major barriers suggest that the police are worried that there are may be more explosions in the area.”

Bomb at Hotel Jørgensen in Copenhagen.

According to several danish media, a man tried to blow himself up at the hotel in the center of Copenhagen Friday afternoon. He then fled into a park nearby park where he immediately after was arrested by the police. The area is still sealed off as of 6pm CET.

Nearly three hours after the explosion the hotel in Copenhagen is the Ørstedsparken area sill sealed off.

The man behind the suicide attack have at this time not been brought out of the park.

Two cars with army bomb experts and several police officers continue to work in a corner of the park, the news agency Ritzau reports.

Controlled Detonation?

According to pictures of the arrested man, published at, he seems to have had a belt-like object around his stomach.

Norwegian NRK reports of a loud “explosion like” sound coming from the park, presumably from a controlled detonation of the explosive device.

But this has yet to be confirmed.

More Bombs?

Heavy barriers have been raised at critical places in the area, suggesting that the police fears there might be more bombs, or bombers on the loose.

According to the police, there are several objects that are subject to investigation.

The episode provides an extra pressure on the afternoon traffic out of the Danish capital.


Danish police have not yet ruled on whether this is a terrorist act, or not.

The detainee is rumored to be from Luxembourg or Holland.

According to Danish TV2 News, the man only have one leg and one prosthetic.

It is not known what the motive for the suicide bombing might have been, but the hotel is just a few hundred meters from the high-traffic subway station at Nordre Gade – regarded as one of the preferred targets for possible terrorists.

Moreover, tomorrow is 9th anniversary of the terrorist attack in New York on the 11th September 2001.

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