BP's Oily Aftermath – Colbert Style

One last segment from the Colbert Report, Colbert is making jokes at BP‘s expense, and with a great follow-on interview with Michael Blum, an environmental scientist from Tulane.  Interesting mixed with a message about tainted shrimp…

“Our inspectors are so good they can find shrimp taint by smell.”

Stephan Colbert

Notice at the one-minute mark, the weaselly news-reader’s description of the BP spill — “when oil began seeping” into the Gulf. Seeping? BP could have written that manipulative phrasing.

I’m impressed that Colbert is able to fit so much factual information into segments that are also funny and ironic.

If you want to see masterful PR manipulation, by the way, notice the new BP ads (no link, but they’re turning up as intros to MSNBC online vids).

Pristine waters, happy citizens, a cohort of rested and ready-to-restart BP beach cleaners; and one core message:

“Now that the oil is gone from the beaches, we’ve done our job. And if oil ever returns to the beaches, we’ll be back just that fast to clean it up again.”

And all that clean water in the background. The words may say “beaches,” but the pictures say “all outdoors.”

Can you smell the manipulation? Smells like that oil “taint,” Colbert joked about.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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