Wednesday's Market Action As Predicted By Jim Cramer

Just in case the consensus was that nobody could have possibly predicted Wednesday’s market action, here is Jim Cramer… proving the consensus was spot on.

From CNBC the day before:

“The “FED said good things – Cramer says.: “Buy.”

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And here are some other recommendations that received the recommendation of not only Cramer, but some  guy from BlackRock:

“In stocks, Cramer endorsed BlackRock Chief Equity Strategist Bob Doll’s buy call on Intel [INTC 19.39 -0.43 (-2.17%) ] under $20. While there has been some concern from analysts about falling PC demand, the Mad Money host said investors should be “kind of OK” with INTC as long as the company doesn’t preannounce a shortfall within the next two weeks.”

“Will someone please advise what is the ticker for a 400:1 leveraged INTC short ETF?,” Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge comments.

DOW JONES INDUS. AVG 10,378.83 -265.42 -2.49%
S&P 500 INDEX 1,089.47 -31.59 -2.82%
NASDAQ COMPOSITE INDEX 2,208.63 -68.54 -3.01%

Now, I wonder what Jon Stewart at the Daily Show will make of this….

Remember this?

Cramer Annotated

The famous Wall Street artist, Geoffrey Raymond, is about to put the final touch on his latest painting: “Cramer Naked Short”.

As usual he takes his portraits to the street and let people passing by write their comments on it.

Only after four days of soliciting random and assorted commentary, the prevailing sentiment on CNBC’s permabullish stock-picker is certainly starting to shine through.

Here’s the result (so far):

"Cramer Naked Short" by Geoffrey Raymond (click to enlarge)

"Cramer Naked Short" by Geoffrey Raymond (click to enlarge)

“Do you recognize this numerical progression: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 etc.?,” Geoffrey Raymond writes on his homepage.

“Some guy named Lenny Fibonacci came up with it. He also has a kind of a swirl, which looks like this:”

“There’s a good bit of suggestion amongst the Commentaries that Cramer’s nipples are Fibonacci Spirals. This is not the case, although the fact remains that the F-word appears a number of times on the face of the canvas. Go figure.”

Here’s more famous portraits by Geoffrey Raymond.

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