Stripper Attack On Goldman Sachs

Carrianne Howard dreamed of designing video games, so she enrolled in a program at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, a for-profit college part-owned by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. She says she paid $70.000 for a useless college diploma.

These days, the 26-year-old makes her living in a way that doesn’t require a college diploma – by stripping at a topless club.

Like many investors, Goldman, owner of 38 percent of the Art Institute’s parent, Education Management Corp., was drawn to for-profit colleges by their rapid growth and soaring stock prices.

Bloomberg’s Cali Carlin reports:

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  2. Hey Everyone,

    I just posted a new youtube video commentary.

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    Carrianne Howard

  3. Hey Everyone,

    Please come check out my newest videos I’ve created on youtube.

    I’ve posted a youtube video of my portfolio like I have promised my youtube viewers. What a waste of time and $70,000!!

    Carrianne Howard

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