A Lament for Europe

It’s not often I present you with a poem. (Perhaps I should do that more often). But here’s one with actual news value, and related to the ongoing situation in Europe. The US/Italian writer and philosopher, Anthony St. John, have just published his view of the current situation in Europe  in form of a poem. It’s called “A Lament for Europe”.


A Lament for Europe

Land of the Setting Sun
Caldron simmering in hungering desperation
To regain the smacks of the Past.
You seek to lunge ahead
On the energy of Your logic
And hopes not yet lionized.
You call upon Your histories
To lend strength to Your phantasies.
You coil up hard on Your proud self
Wrinkled and weather-beaten.
You struggle to nurture new flowers
On the dry rot of Your haunted memories.
Your youth, sniffed upon by strapped canine squads,
Rape-hate in Your stadiums
Striped with electronic rejoinders
To press softly-pliant, gaily-tinged plastic buttons.
Your elderly curl their ways to bankrupt health ministries
Where physicians fool with forms
And fill in football pools.
Your neighbors to the East—
Brazen, sordid—
Yank towards You
Roughly extracting for exacting theirs craved for.
You, Europe, sit pickled—
Soused in the juices of Your scummy heretofore.
Your dabblers in politics set flags unfurled
And their powers shame—
This Our world.

by Anthony St. John


Anthony St. John

Anthony St. John was born 7 October 1944 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. His father’s parents were born in The Old Soviet Union; his mother’s mother was born in Ireland and her husband was born in France. Mr St. John studied in three universities: St. Bonaventure University (1962-66); the University of Miami (1972-73); and, the University of Florida (1973-75). He specialized in Philosophy, British Literature, and Northamerican Literature.


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