Is World War III Approaching?

The US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, announced new sanctions against North Korea on Wednesday, as she spoke to reporters during a visit to South Korea. On Sunday Israel kicked off a five-day nationwide defense drill aimed at preparing civilians for rocket attacks, and tougher sanctions on Iran will not prevent Russia from selling missile systems to Tehran, a senior Russian parliamentarian says. This doesn’t look good…

“The latest intelligence now, coming from the US and Israeli Intelligence Service, is saying that Iran could actually test a nuclear device within the next five months.”

Irvin Baxter

Things are cooking in both the middle east and in Asia. For those of us who have been around for a while, the military preparations and the political propaganda is unpleasantly familiar. The warnings, the sanctions, the allegations, the threats – the lies. And for some strange reason; after a short round of self-justification,  military actions usually starts at the beginning of September.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced Wednesday new sanctions against North Korea.

She spoke to the press during a visit to South Korea, which included a stop at the demilitarized zone at the North-South border.

The TV reports showed a very serious looking Mrs. Clinton, together with Defense Minister Robert Gates,  studying the area with a pair of huge binoculars. Some times a single picture tells a whole story.

Clinton thanked troops from the US, South Korea and other UN nations who patrol the border, and pledged unwavering political and military support for South Korea, which hosts 28,500 US troops.

The US intensified sanctions against North Korea today in a move designed to punish Pyongyang for sinking a South Korean ship last year, and for pursuing nuclear weapons.

Hillary Clinton, announced a tightening of measures aimed at throttling North Korea’s atomic programme and choking off the supply of luxury goods to the country’s elite.

A new American intelligence analysis of a deadly torpedo attack on a South Korean warship concludes that Kim Jong-il, the ailing leader of North Korea, must have authorized the torpedo assault, according to senior American officials who cautioned that the assessment was based on their “sense of the political dynamics” there rather than “hard evidence.”

The officials said they were increasingly convinced that Mr. Kim ordered the sinking of the ship, the Cheonan, to help secure the succession of his youngest son.

Since the sinking of the ship in May last year, we’ve had the following news headlines:

* South Korean president: Military action next time North torpedoes our ships

* South Korean president: “North Korean Surprise Attack Sank Cheonan”

* How Did N.Korea Sink the Cheonan?

* The day after: South Korean military to get new course following surprise attack

* N.Korea threatens to destroy South’s ‘psychological’ loudspeakers in demilitarized zone

* Obama Tells Military: Prepare for N. Korea ‘Aggression’

* Clinton backs South Korea’s crackdown on North Korea over sinking of Cheonan warship

* Skeptics ask questions about North Korean torpedo report

* Serial Number on Torpedo Part Points Compellingly to N.Korea

* North Korean spy sought data on Seoul’s subway system

* North Korean woman spied on South Korean trains

* Lee says South will invoke right of self-defense

* Allies to stage joint anti-sub drill in West Sea

* Seoul halts trade, shuts sea lanes to NK

* Air Force-Navy team may counter China threat

(Source: Celente Trend Research)

The Usual Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction-Story

Saddam Hussein was supposed to have dangerous chemical weapons in his possession.

Today we know he did not.

At the moment both North Korea and Iran are being accused of developing nuclear weapons.

Ten US warships entered last month the Persian Gulf, including the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier strike group. This is the same group of warships that secretly practiced Iranian bombing runs 2 weeks earlier.

According to, Israeli military aircraft recently landed at a Saudi base near Tabuk, one of the closest Saudi areas to Iran.

Iran is now on “War Alert” and is pouring Revolutionary Guards units with equipment into the Caspian region, according to a report from DEBKAfile, as apparent US troops build up on the northwest border, Azerbaijan.

(Source: Modern Survival Blog)

Big Guns For Sale

Harsher sanctions on Iran will not prevent Russia from fulfilling its obligation and selling the S-300 missile system to Tehran, a senior Russian parliamentarian said on Friday.

Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Mikhail Margelov said the latest sanctions proposal does not pertain to agreements signed with Iran in the past. “Russia is a responsible supplier to international markets and it has no interest in working towards arming the Middle East,”

Margelov was quoted by the Novosti and Interfax news agencies.

Following the Russian statement, we’ve been presented with the following news stories:

* US lifts sanctions against Russians linked to Iran

* U.S. lifts non-proliferation sanctions against Russian arms exporter

* Lifting US ban on Russia’s S-300s for Iran blows hole in Israel’s security

* Russia in final stage of talks to buy 4 Mistral class warships

* Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons

* German mercenaries to fight UN-backed government in Somalia

Israel Holds Major Missile Defense Drill

On Sunday Israel kicked off a five-day nationwide defense drill aimed at preparing civilians for rocket attacks while seeking to reassure neighboring Lebanon and Syria of its peaceful intentions.

“This is a routine exercise which has been scheduled for a long time and is not the result of any unusual security development,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday.

“Israel seeks calm, stability and peace but it is no secret that we live in a region where there is a threat from missiles and rockets,” he added.

In the 1991 Gulf War, then Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein fired over 30 Scud missiles at Israel, killing one person, injuring over 170 and causing extensive property damage, according to Israeli government data.

Fearing that Saddam would use chemical or biological warheads, Israeli civilians were issued with gas masks and hypodermics loaded with antidotes.

Israel’s largest ever home front exercise is set to begin the coming Sunday morning as part of the emergency authorities’ preparation for a number of possible scenarios, including an electronic attack against the country.

The drill, code-named Turning Point 4, will simulate the firing of hundreds of missiles from different fronts.

Similar, smaller-sized drills were conducted in 2009 and 2008.

The Israeli security establishment stressed that the exercise was scheduled in advance as part of a yearly work plan.

Double-War Or Double-Dip Recession?

“There could be two new wars, one in North Korea, another one in the Middle East involving, not only, Iran,” commentator and radio host Irvin Baxter at Endtime Ministries said on today’s broadcast.

The Historic Parallels

It’s a well known fact that most of the big conflicts in the world have come as a consequence of financial disaster.

The most well documented crisis in history, besides World War II, is the fall of the Roman empire.

"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest we become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance." (Marcus Tullius Cicero, 55 BC.)

It began as a poverty crisis in which the difference between rich and poor became enormous. Among society’s elite were camaraderie and corruption an integral part of the system. In turn, it triggered social unrest and riots. The authorities in Rome responded by building a strong military power and launch a series of spectacular construction projects.

The worlds first “Superpower” used more and more money – more than it earned. Emperor Nero (54 to 68 solved the problem by reducing the content of silver in the coins so that it could be made more of them.

In principle the same as the U.S. does when it “print” more and more money.

Successive emperors continued to supplement the Silver coins, after 60 years, an inflation of 200 percent,  a long period of big ups and downs, both socially and economically, followed. By year 270 the coin’s value reduced to a fifth of its original value. The quality was poor and did counterfeiter’s workshop to a very simple matter. The empire’s enemies used the massive counterfeiter’s workshop in warfare and broke the money’s credibility completely.

The Roman emperors had to resort to expropriation, demanding among other things, taxes in the form of cattle and other items that could used to feed the soldiers.

The currency collapsed, the financial crisis was at an ultimate stage and the economy was going through what we today  call a depression. At the beginning of the 300-century Roman emperors carried out several reforms, both social and economic. They also created new coins with silver and gold, but it did not solve the fundamental problem; the confidence in the economy and government was shattered.

People searched for new extreme theories and ideologies, including Christianity, witch at that time was a purely anti-political religion. At the end of the 400-century Roman Empire was disintegrating. It was the start of the dark Middle Ages.

The Five Ugly Signs

Later, the world has experienced several economic crises that have revealed exactly the same weaknesses in the monetary system as the Romans struggled with.

Five common features stand out:

The authorities’ arrogance and confidence in that they can treat people as they want. (Revolution is always a possibility).

Marxist principles that power and values shall be managed by the leaders is the most destructive system of all. It prohibits human nature, and preventing economic innovation.

• Waste of national assets in the form of subsidies, gifts, financial assistance to other countries, etc. destroying capital formation and reducing the nation’s wealth. (Loyalty and friendship can not be purchased).

Provinces and states can not pay taxes to central government which is unable to meet its obligations.

People lose confidence in the economy and the authorities. They begin to hoard values because money are no longer be accepted as payment. The authorities criminalize their own to justify its confiscations.

To me it seems like four of the five criteria is fulfilled, and I believe I see signs of the fifth.

I do not like what I see.

The Black Septembers

If you go through the list of wars and conflicts over the last couple of hundred years, you’ll notice that many of the great wars have started in the beginning of September.

In fact, there are at least two separate military conflicts the bear the name; “The Black September.”

On 9 September 1914, the “Septemberprogramm,” a plan which detailed Germany’s specific war aims and the conditions that Germany sought to force upon the Allied Powers, was outlined by German Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg and marked the beginning of World War I.

In September 1918, all the anti-Soviet governments met in Ufa and agreed to form a new Russian Provisional Government in Omsk, and thereby formed the foundation for the Russian October Revolution.

World War II is generally accepted to have begun on September 1th 1939, with the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany, and subsequent declarations of war on Germany by France and most of the countries of the British Empire and Commonwealth.

The Vietnam War was launched on September 13th.

And the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was initiated by the Al-Qaeda attack on New York and Washington September 11. 2001.

We’re approaching September 2010 – what else are we approaching?

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