Beware: Global Asset Bubbles Growing!

Here is the third video of an educational series called “Financial Armageddon to Freedom” produced by legendary trader, investor and author J.S. Kim at SmartKnowledgeU. In this third video he discuss a wide range of topics that are critical to understanding and surviving the second phase of this global economic and monetary crisis, and warns about the asset bubbles developing in China, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand.

“Despite politicians’/bankers’ deceitful reassurances that the global economy is recovering, and there will not be a double dip, I assure you that there will be another dip and there will be multiple bubbles that burst in coming years.”

J.S. Kim

The Great Asset Bubble * (Graphic by Meltinpoles)

“Of these four countries, I have traveled within three of them – China, Australia, and Thailand – extensively over the past several years and have first-hand, on-the-ground, knowledge of the growing property bubbles in these countries,” Mr. Kim writes.

J.S. Kim

“Despite politicians’/bankers’ deceitful reassurances that the global economy is recovering and there will not be a double dip, I assure you that there will be another dip and will be multiple bubbles that burst in coming years (if not sooner) due to distorted asset prices created by Central Banks’ deliberately constructed policies of keeping interest rates artificially low for extended periods of time. In fact, this past week, a large US commercial investment firm emailed me a laughable article that argued that last week was the best time to buy US stocks in years due to low P/E valuations. Those that follow me on twitter know that I sent a tweet to short the US S&P 500 specifically at the 1,093 level and that on Wednesday BEFORE the US market open in New York, I tweeted, ” the spin on earnings season(earnings beat forecasts!) may provide temporary boost to US markets but downtrend to resume by week’s end!”

“The S&P 500 rose to 1,099 in 48 hours, and then dropped 3.28% lower, with the downtrend resuming “by week’s end” just as I had predicted,” he points out.

Here is “Financial Armageddon to Freedom – Part 3”

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Financial Armageddon To Freedom – Part 1 & 2

Best Regards

J.S. Kim

Managing Director & Chief Investment Strategist


* The Great Asset Bubble:

  • 1Central banks gold reserves ($0.845 trillion)
  • 2 – M0 (paper money) ($3.9 trillion)
  • 3 – Traditional (fractional reserve) banking assets ($39 trillion)
  • 4 – shadow banking assets ($62 trillion)
  • 5 – other assets ($290 trillion)
  • 6 – Bail-out money (early 2009) ($1.9 trillion)

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