Siberian Shaman: 2012 Solar Storms Will Trigger Collapse Of The West

In this video from Celente Trend Research, journalist and science consultant Lawrence E. Joseph discussed threats to life on Earth, including collapse of power grids from solar flares, the weakening of the magnetic field, and the solar system’s move into a new area of space. Joseph have spoken to scientists, NASA representatives and various shamans.

” Siberian shamans don’t see 2012 as a cataclysmic date for the world, but they do see it as an avalanche date for collapse of the West.”

Lawrence E. Joseph

Political, economic, and natural forces are all leading us into a deadly convergence, Joseph says. Specifically, a solar EMP blast could knock out electricity by permanently destroying transformers in the grid. If a blast like the Carrington Event of 1859 occurred again, we could see 100 million people out of electricity for a couple years, he warns.

Joseph advocated for the U.S. to install a kind of surge protection for the power grid— a plan that the House has already approved, but may get stalled in the Senate because the measure is being attached to other issues.

For more on this, see his article Short-Circuiting the Great American Blackout, to be published on the Huffington Post. There’s increasing evidence that Earth’s magnetic shield is going down, according to NASA research, he added.


Chuonnasuan - the last Shaman of the Oroqen

He has traveled to Siberia to interview a Russian scientist whose research indicates that our solar system is moving into an “interstellar energy cloud,” which could cause cataclysmic and evolutionary changes on Earth.

His findings were confirmed by a recent paper published in Nature, Joseph notes.

He also speak about his interviews with various shamans.

A Guatemalan (Mayan) shaman told him that 2012 would herald the birth of a new era, and like new births there’d be “joy, blood, and pain.”

Siberian shamans don’t see 2012 as a cataclysmic date for the world, but they do see it as “an avalanche date for collapse of the West,” he reports.



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