Norway Takes Over Presidency Of Baltic Council

On July 1th 2010, Norway will take over the presidency over the Council of Baltic Sea States from Lithuania, according to representatives of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Lithuania-Nordic-Cross-Border Banking Flag

The Lithuania-Nordic-Cross-Border Banking Flag

The most important event during the period of Lithuanian chairmanship over the CBSS, was the meeting of the heads of the Council of Baltic Sea States that was held on June 1-2 in Vilnius and was one of the largest international events in Lithuania recently, The Baltic Course writes.

During the meeting, the Vilnius Declaration Baltic Sea Region Vision 2020″ was adopted that defines ecological, economic and social aspects of development in the region, and establishes political commitment to turn this vision into a reality, informed BC Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, The Baltic Course writes.

The Baltic Development Forum that took place simultaneously with the meeting of the heads of the Council of Baltic Sea States attracted the region’s business elite to Lithuania. At the forum, Lithuanian experience in overcoming the consequences of economic downturn and steps in addressing the current economic problems and using the experience of other countries were presented and discussed.

According to the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during the year of its presidency Lithuania mainly focused on promoting innovations, strengthening cooperation across borders, fostering a clean environment and ensuring of safe living conditions in the region. A number of events dedicated to these topics were held in Lithuania and abroad.

Credit Still Contracting

However, Lithuania’s recession is still ongoing, with domestic credit still contracting.

Domestic credit volume contracted by 244.8 million litas in Lithuania in May 2010: credit to general government diminished by 99.8 million litas, while credit to other residents went down by 145 million litas, of which lending to non-financial corporations and households went down respectively by 375.5 million litas and 95.2 million litas, while loans to financial intermediaries increased by 292.1 million litas, the Bank of Lithuania reports.

A year-on-year decrease in other monetary financial institutions’ (MFIs’) lending to non-financial corporations and households made up 9.8% and 4.8%, respectively.

Lending by other MFI’s to households shrank in May as follows: consumer loans went down by 47.4 million litas, lending for house purchase declined by 15.0 million litas, and other loans fell by 32.8 million litas. For the subsequent sixth month the annual growth rate of lending for house purchase was negative, making up –1.1% at the end of May.

Lending in euros prevailed in the lending structure of other MFIs by currency: by the end of May euro loans made up 69.5%, while litas loans made up 27.3%.

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