Dockwise To Assist BP In Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up

The worlds largest operator of specialized heavy-lift vessels, Dockwise, is sending one of it’s most advanced semi-submersible ships to the Gulf of Mexico to assist BP with the clean-up after the catastrophic oil spill.

“This is a very humbling experience when one considers the magnitude of the spill.”

Robb Erickson

Mighty Servant 3

Mighty Servant 3

Dockwise announces its commitment to assist with the oil spill clean up in the Gulf of Mexico. In a coordinated effort with T&T International Fire & Salvage, and BP, Dockwise has delivered the semi-submersible heavy-lift vessel, Mighty Servant 3, to the clean-up operation.

As one of the largest vessels of its type in the world, the Mighty Servant 3 has been outfitted in Galveston, Texas, with an assortment of equipment focused on the collection of oil-saturated solid material and oily water.

With its large size (180.00 m x 40.00 m), and a deadweight of 27,270 metric tons, the sheer mass of this unique vessel means it is perfectly suited to handle this type of large clean up. Outfitted with long reach excavating equipment and a stern mounted skimming system, the Mighty Servant 3 will serve a two-fold purpose as part of the coordinated clean-up effort.

The long-reach excavators will be able to collect solid debris that is saturated with oil. This debris will be collected and stored in a large containment area on the vessel’s extensive deck. The skimming system will collect oil and then transfer it to a tank barge working alongside the Mighty Servant 3.

The vessel will work in coordination with other smaller vessels assisting in the clean-up.

The Dockwise Group of Companies operates the largest fleet of specialized vessels in the world: A versatile fleet of 20 semi-submersible, heavy transport vessels of different concepts and designs. Dockwise provides specialty services in the Heavy Marine Transport, Transport & Installation, and Logistical Management industries.

Dockwise welcomes the opportunity to assist in this unprecedented clean-up effort.

“Looking for innovative solutions is our business. And we’re bringing in a big vessel to handle a big job. The opportunity to deploy this unique piece of equipment in support of this unprecedented clean-up effort instills positive emotions about making an impact, but at the same time this is a very humbling experience when one considers the magnitude of the spill,” Robb Erickson, Vice President Heavy Marine Transport, says.

Dockwise Ltd., a Bermuda incorporated company, has a workforce of more than 1200 people both offshore and onshore. The company is the leading marine contractor providing total transport services to the offshore, onshore and yachting industries as well as installation services of extremely heavy offshore platforms.

The Group is headquartered in Breda, The Netherlands. The Group’s main commercial offices are located in The Netherlands, the United States and China.

Dockwise shares are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under ticker DOCK and on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam under ticker DOCKW.

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