Warns Against Euro Zone "Elite"

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has stepped up to the plate on behalf of the many periphery euro states who feels more or less sidelined in the ongoing debate about the future of the Union.  Speaking in Brussels this week he warned about greater cohesion of euro zone decision making, and said it could lead to a “two-speed” Europe.

“We would like the euro zone to be a leader but not an exclusive elite within the European Union.”

Donald Tusk

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk (left) and Mr Van Rompuy.

Speaking in Brussels Wednesday, the Polish president warned that Europe’s efforts to step up economic co-ordination in the wake of Greece’s debt crisis should not be limited to the collection of states that share the euro currency. Mr Tusk urged that non-euro zone states must be treated in an equal manner.

“As a country that is aspiring to join the euro zone, we would like the euro zone to be a leader but not an exclusive elite within the European Union,” he told journalists.

The statement is an indication of where Poland stands regarding a French call for greater cohesion of euro zone decision making, driven by regular meetings of the group’s leaders and potentially aided by a new secretariat based in Brussels.

Poland fears this could lead to a two-speed Europe, the EUobserver writes.

“It’s very important that the European Commission stands up for equal standards for all EU member states,” Mr Tusk said.

“We want a united Europe that can take actions in solidarity for the benefit of the EU as a whole.”

With the topic set to be discussed at a European Summit in Brussels next week, Germany has also proven to be lukewarm regarding the French proposal, fearing that increased economic decision making by euro area leaders could negatively impact on the European Central Bank‘s independence.

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