Thursday Morning Kickoff

Here’s some of the latest stuff, relevant to Thursday’s trading. Articles selected by high5finance.

Top Stories:

* BP Trades as Junk, Shares Drop 16%

* Most Asian Stocks Advance on Japan Economic Growth

* U.S. Stocks slump as energy shares tumble

* Thursday: Jobless Claims in Focus

* Fed Chairman Issues U.S. Deficit Warning

* Goldman Faces $1 Billion Suit By Australian Hedge Fund

* European Bank Default Risk Greater Than American For First Time

Latest Blog Posts:

* The Swapper: Testimony Of A High Frequency Trader

* Seeking Alpha: A Busted ‘Bailout and Stimulate’ Formula

* Zero Hedge: Michael Pento Says Double-Dip Recession Is Now Guaranteed

* Why Is U.S. Government Spending So Wildly Out Of Control?

* The Huffington Post: Wall Street’s Advice to Joran van der Sloot:Janet Tavakoli

* Wall St. Cheat Sheet: The Grand Summary of the Fed Beige Book

* China Financial Markets: The Shanghai market isn’t really predicting anything

Latest Analysis:

* The Dollar and Equity Markets

* Two Eco Disasters Undermine Investors

* Dollar Primed for Collapse by End June: Charts

* Greece, Portugal Unveil Positive Economic News

* Softer retail sales could depress moods

* BP: The Modern Philip Morris?

Recommended Reading:

* Has BP Sprung A Counterparty Risk Leak?

* Imagining the Worst in BP’s Future

* World Bank Warns of Global Economic Stall

* The U.S. Housing-Market Recession Is Not Over

* IMF Says Risks to Economy Have Risen ‘Significantly’

* The Chinese Navy Faces A Critical Watershed As The East Asian Strategic Balance Changes

* 6 U.S. Banks Collects 93% Of Industry’s Trading Revenue

* Remember: In 1930, They Didn’t Know It Was “the Great Depression” Yet

Video Reports:

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* Bob Farrel’s Ten Rules of Investing


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